“…We are so grateful to you for all your enormous work done as a private tutor of English for our son Sasha Matveev, who has just become a student of the International Law Faculty at Minsk State University. He has passed his English test successfully, and we both know how helpless he was when you tested his English a year ago.  Without you, your knowledge, skills, your enthusiasm and inspiration and psychological support to our son, his success would not have been possible. You are just a great teacher and a person! Thank you a million again and again...”


 I decided to start my summery with the above words of gratitude so enthusiastically poured on me by one of my students' parents.


 I am sure one should judge a teacher by his or her student's results achieved in the subject taught and by that special atmosphere, created by a teacher during the process of teaching, as it leads to really effective teaching and learning.


There is another “ secret weapon” though: teacher's love and devotion to his or her teaching mission, creativity in it, that helps to choose a necessary approach, methods and techniques of teaching.


 As for my love and devotion to my profession it has been proved by more than 20 years of my teaching English. Quite a number of my previous students have become professional teachers of English, telling me not once, that I have influenced their choice. I am so proud of them of course! The rest of my students successfully improved their skills in English at secondary schools,  in their professional careers as business people, lawyers, doctors, nurses, barmen,  truck drivers, who deliver goods to foreign countries,  even Slav wives, who got married to their English speaking spouses and now live and work in the USA, the UK and Australia!  Say nothing of my dear students who immigrated to Australia and needed English so badly in a new country for the settlement and later to become citizens!


 I remember one thing: teaching is not something still. And if you love what you do as a professional, you will go on with updating and self-developing yourself in your profession, as I have always done as a teacher of English.


Isn't it a fascinating thing to achieve heights in your chosen profession and to uphold your human creative potentials as a person, doing in life what you love?     



My experience as an a school teacher and also a teacher for adults in English, ESL, IELTS OET and  preparation to other international exams, in government and private sectors in class, in person and on skype, has developed a passion and personal commitment to three things: fostering a positive learning environment for my students with various backgrounds, maximazing individual students' performance and  developing my students' skills in independent learning after they finish their classes with me. 

I feel I can be a perfect match for you as a tutor, as I am really enthusiastic and passionate about teaching English, and my students were and are achieving impressive outcomes in learning. I always encourage them to reach their full potential, to raise their self-esteem, self-belief and to celebrate the great feeling of achievement.

I have all the necessary qualifications for the role, such as a University Bachelor Degree in teaching English; Certificate of the Highest Degree in Pedagogics, Psychology and Methods of Teaching English; Certificate IV in TESOL ( completed at Windsor TEFL United Kingdom); Australian Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Australian Vocational Graduate Certificate in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practices; and lots of other Certificates, such as Teaching English for Young Children; Teaching Business English Course, E-earning(Teaching English in Internet),etc.

I am registered with South Australia Teacher's Board (Registered Number 600976), have Police Clearance, approved Responding to Abuse and Neglect training ,First Aid Training and am registered in the Australian Business Register as an individual/Sole Trader with a corresponding ABN.

I am confident that my background in education and my experience and skills in teaching English in person and on skype will help you to improve your English language skills and pass your international tests and exams.    

All my previous students were happy with me as a teacher and tutor, so will you! 🙂🙂🙂  


My student Igor has deserved his Certificate!