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 Name:          LYUDMILA HUGHES

Phone : mob. 040 2854227

 Career Overview

An experienced professional teacher of English, Level 5 SEE and AMEP Lecturer and Individual Tutor in South Australia. Passionate and enthusiastic about  teaching and inspiring  her students of all skill levels to master English Language, Literacy and Numeracy.


 Institution: Minsk Linguistic University 1973-1978.  Belarus.  Qualifications: ESL Teacher and Teacher of German as a Second Language.

The Diploma was recognized in South Australia and is comparable to the educational Level of an Australian four year Bachelor Degree (November 2010.)

     TAE70110 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice. Educational Services TAFE SA. December 2013. 

     Certificate IV in TESOL at Windsor TEFL. United Kingdom, August 2006.

     TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment # HBA7378. HBA Learning Centres. North Sydney, NSW, Australia.  August 2011

Professional Training

     PD sessions at TAFE SA campuses in Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth, Regency.  October 2010--February 2015.

     “Bullying and Harassment for Workers”. May 2014.

     ISLPR Assessor Training. TAFE SA. January 2014 and  March 2011

     “Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2012 SA DFEEST”. August 2013

     “Slips and Trip Hazards (Hazard Guide)”. June 2013

     “ 2013 TAFE SA Online Induction”

      “EDAYS” E-learning Conference. TAFE SA, April 2013 and Facilitating e-Learning Environments. December 2012

     Certificate IV #A 48022 in Allied Health Assistance and CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Certificate ID 1121212814-1. Units: HLTFA311A, HLTFA211A, HLTCPR211A, HLT42512, HLTAID001 September 2017

      Responding to Abuse and Neglect. Education. DECD, Adelaide, SA. December 2012.

     Interactive Ochre Cultural Awareness Training. Teaching Indigenous students. TAFE SA, Elizabeth Campus. March 2012.

     E-learning in ESL. ESL Educators, ELSE Australia. February 2012 and July 2011.

     Child-Safe Environment Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect. TAFE SA. January 2011.

     Certificate in TEFL and TESOL: Teaching Business English. “I-to-I”. Australia 2011.

     Certificate in TESOL: Weekend TEFL Course in Adelaide with “I-to-I”. Australia, 2010-2011.

     Creative Methods of Teaching English”. Academy of English. Manchester, UK. July 2006.

     “Overseas Teachers of English”. Course for the teachers of English. Oxford House Language School. London, UK. January 2003.

     Updated course at Ramsgate Churchill Language Centre. Ramsgate, UK. August 1996.

     Certificate of the Highest Degree in Pedagogics, Psychology and Methods of Teaching of the Foreign Language (English). Minsk Regional Institute of Updating Qualifications (MRIUQ). Certificate  # 2686. Minsk, Belarus. November 1994.                               p.1

Employment History                                                                                                               

Sole Trader( Tutor) in Adult Community and other Education. ABN 66504423744              

              Start date May 2015- to present 

 Responsibilities :  Tutoring students in English, ESL, SACE;  in IELTS, PTE, OET, ISLPR, other international English exams at any level, in person and on Skype, offering effective and thoroughly planned lessons tailored to the students’ needs.  My students improved their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, achieving their learning goals. 

HPI  and Contract Level 5 Lecturer in SEE, AMEP at TAFE SA

            Start Date:  Oct. 2010 – Feb. 2015

Responsibilities /Achievements:  

  •  Taught English, Literacy and Numeracy at all skill levels: Prelim,1,2 and 3 in SEE and AMEP programmes  at Salisbury, Elizabeth, Regency TAFE SA Australia; ESL,  AMEP at Renaissance Centre, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, and Salisbury Campus.
  • Created and taught  the project “Australian Citizenship” in October –December 2011( 9 students passed the test with  the scores of 90% or higher).
  • Created other in house projects, assessment tasks for SEE, and AMEP (including Moodle).
  • Completed TAE40110 (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment).
  • Completed TAE70110(TAE70110 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice) anda number of  professional development courses and trainings in parallel with teaching.    

     Business Owner: Commercial  Educational Business in Teaching English

            Oct.1997 – Sept. 2010

Responsibilities /Achievements:  

Private Educator charged with teaching English to students, children and adults of all skill levels. Successful with all her students, who started speaking English or improved their speaking,

grammar and writing skills in English. Inspired a number of students to choose English as their

 professional careers.  Completed three updating teaching courses in the United Kingdom. 

Related Experience: a guide to foreign tourists, interpreter and professional translator.

     Teacher of English at House of Pioneers in Bobruisk, Belarus.

              Sept. 1991-- Oct. 1997.

Responsibilities / Achievements:

 Taught English full time to children from the 1 to 12 grades. Improved professional qualifications and passed the state exams to obtain The Highest Teaching Category. Delivered reports : “ Arousing Young Learners’ Interest in Learning  English” and “How I Run My Intensive Course”  to share working experience  at  the International  BelNATE/IATEFL Conferences of teachers of English  held in Minsk in September 1994 and September 1996.

Completed the updating course at Churchill Language Centre, UK.

 Related Experience: Started translation career, translating legal documents at state and private notaries.

     Teacher of English at Secondary School #11 in Bobruisk, Belarus.

            Sept. 1988-- Sept. 1991.

Responsibilities / Achievements: Taught English full time to schoolchildren from the 4th  till the 10th grades. Improved professional qualification from teaching category 2 to category 1.

     Teacher of English  at Secondary School #1 in Bobruisk, Belarus.

             Sept. 1987-- Sept. 1988.

Responsibilities / Achievements: Taught English to the grades 4 to 10 full time. Improved teaching qualification and obtained teaching category 2.

     Teacher of English and German languages  at Secondary School #29 in Bobruisk, Belarus.

             Sept. 1984-- Sept. 1987.

Responsibilities / Achievements: Taught English and German to the students from the 4th to 10th grades full time. Was awarded the title of the Best Lecturer at the regular teachers’ PD sessions.

     Teacher at Kindergarten #10 Zhitomir, Ukraine.

       June 1983 -- August 1984

Responsibilities / Achievements:                                                                

Taught pre-school children full time. Completed the Refreshment Course for teachers of kindergartens, defending the course work.                                                                                                                                

     Teacher of German at Osmolovochi Secondary School in Osmolovishi MogilevRegion, Belarus.

              Sept. 1979 -- July 1981

Responsibilities/Achievements: Taught German to the students from the 4th to 10th grades.

 Was in charge of doing the education manager’s work, having the position of a Teacher-Organizer, arranging school and after school social activities for the children.                                                           

     Teacher of English and German at Zhilichi Secondary School in Zhilichi Mogilev Region, Belarus.

         Sept. 1978 -- July 1979.

 Responsibilities / Achievements:

Taught English and German languages full time to the students of all secondary grades. Was a Teacher -Class leader in the 8th grade, lecturing at all teachers’ PD sessions, parents’ meetings, taking part in social activities, including sports.                                         

Teacher of English at Minsk Linguistic University (former Minsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages.)  

             July 1978 -- July 1978

Responsibilities / Achievements: Taught English to two groups of applicants at the two week

   preparatory courses to the University. The students showed good results at the entrance exams.

         Student at Minsk Linguistic University. Minsk, Belarus  1973-1978. 

  Responsibilities / Achievements:

  • Monitored the Scientific Students’ circle “American and English literature of the 20th Century” for 5 years. Wrote two scientific works.
  • Completed the Faculty of Social Professions at the University.
  •  On finishing the courses of Tourist Guides, qualified as a guide and worked with American, English,  Canadian, Australian, German, Arab and Russian tourists.
  •  Took part in students concerts, singing in a girls’ band and dancing folk and ball-room dances.
  •  Successfully graduated from the University with excellent marks at all state graduation exams.  


Interests and hobbies

 Computer innovations in e-learning,

  •  reading,
  •  creative writing,
  •  fitness,
  • travelling (have been to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia,  Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, Turkey, New Zealand, the USA).  


  • Member of Australian Educational Union.
  • Member of  SA TESOL.