The tutorial time: winter-spring-June 2019 Great results in PTE 

kamel si <>

 Dear Mila! This is definitely a pass: everything is over 65 +.  From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you. In that journey you have been a fantastic support. All along you have always kept faith in me, and inspired me to keep trying. Determination, consistency, hard work, a willingness to face everything in life has made me the person I am today. 

 You are an exceptional teacher, the best I ever had in my journey to lead me to the citizenship.  I have put 110%, and still there were candidates who were shouting in the small room but this time I was prepared and wasn't so distracted.

Thank you so much, dear Tutor Mila. 

Gratitude from 3 students who have improved their pronunciation

Md. Khaledul Islam <> (Bangladesh)

June – September  2017 ( once a week)   Successfully passed his exam at TAFE ( Diploma of Nursing):  Dear Mila, I am over the moon! I have passed my TAFE exam confidently, and was not afraid any more that the examiners would not be able to understand my English, and before that, all the patients could understand me, while I had been at practice at the hospitals! Thank you so much for your great help and patience with me! 


Baran (Turkey)

Tel  0490 114 175 ( from Turkey) :  30 .09.2017-- 18.11.2017 (once a week) - 6 classes.

Thank you, what a great job you have done in improving my pronunciation . Thanks a lot!


Jule (Germany)

10 classes in May-June 2017.

Wow, what an improvement in my pronunciation! You have taught me exactly how some tough English sounds should be articulated, and I am really grateful. I can't thank you enough for your work and encouragement!


6 years of tutoring. 13.01.2018. Teresa( year 7 and Tu, year 11)


Dear Mila,

For 6 years thank you for these wonderful moments in our lives. You taugh us and improved our learning. You have been a wonderful teacher.

Sincerely Teresa.


Dear Mila,

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your being my English tutor. Thank you so much for always helping me with my school work and teaching me tenses, punctuation and many ( much more) more which dramatically improved my writing skills. Your enthusiasm made our English lessons more fun and I will definitely miss having classes with you. You have always encouraged me to “ practise, practise, practise”, and if it wasn’t for your encouragement, I would not have become a confident writer  I am now. Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

From Tu Nguyen (❤❤❤)

ISLPR achiever

4.12.2017  ISLPR

Swatika Prasad <>

 ISLPR – A primary teacher from Fiji .   Had failed the exam before she asked for my help. The period of tutoring: 6 classes in 3 weeks 13.11.2017 – 3.12.2017. After them, on 4th December 2017, Swatika has successfully passed her exam with the highest marks and will be able to teach at the Australian schools as a primary teacher. Here are her words of gratitude:

Mila, I am sooo happy to have passed the exam: thank you very much for your valuable tutoring, for teaching me and doing practice with me, giving even psychological help (the technique of glass of water!!!). All that hard work at the six lessons in 3 weeks has paid off with such a great result of my passing the ISLPR exams with flying colours! I am very grateful, you are the best tutor ever! Swatika.   

IELTS' students testimonials

Marianna  tel +61 403 703 242   Training period:  May- June 2016  

Hi Mila!

I am writing this sms to tell you finally I have passed my IELTS test. For the first time I had band 6 in the reading section. Thank you a lot for all your help. Big hug, Marianna  



OET students' testimonials

Bunu  Rajappan

(Teaching period : January-May 2017) Binu had tried to pass the exam six times before, but failed. Only after my tutoring she succeeded.) 

 Binu: I am so happy to tell you that I have passed my OET with Bs! Your excellent teaching style with your warm and friendly attitude, your encouragement, your practical assignments, clarifications, always having your hand on my learning pulse, have made a huge difference for me in my preparation for the OET exam, and I still believe that without all your efforts I would have not been able to  pass the exam so successfully. You have enlightened my personal and professional future life in Australia.

Once again, my sincere thanks for all your efforts in teaching me and preparing me for the OET exam.

God Bless You.

With lots of love and prayers



Quin  qinhong huang   Teaching period :June 2016

Hi Mila!

 Thank you very much for your tutorials. I passed the OET. You have been very helpful.



Tyla and Kyrene O'Neil November 2015

One of my students, Tyla O'Neil, has recently got her first academic award for using her expressive English from her Trinity College. Her younger sister Kyrene also had the outstanding outcomes in her English last term. Their mum Sopana says:"That's all thanks to you, Mila. You have been putting so much effort and love in teaching the girls, thank you a lot!"

Tatyana Banko

Thank you so much to the best teacher in the world!  You have a real gift to teach and to support people in their learning. We, my son and myself, just adore you.You have opened new horizons in this world for us. From practically zero level we are here now: Tima( Tanya's son Timofei)  has started his business and is using his advanced( !!) English, and I am working at my husband's company and am responsible for all the international business connections. I was interpreting while we were  negotiating and then sealing the contracts with our German partners in October- November( 2011) and  with  our Chinese partners before the New Year. I was also able to use my English while I was in Great Britain for the treatment. Thanks a million  again for Tima's knowledge, and for my fascinating work and that opportunity to improve my health significantly in the UK. I just hope that all that kindness you are bringing to the word will be well rewarded by the Highest Forces, because you do deserve that!     



Dear Mila! Thank you for being my teacher and helping me to finally understand English Grammar. The Grammar Tense Chart is always with me! :) Thank you also for your care, encouragment and kindness. You are a wonderful person. 
Your student Maliha Usmani from Pakistan, now living in Australia. 

 Mila  is a great intelligent teacher, who completely focuses on quality and quantity of education she gives and then about the last one to be enjoyable.

   I.  IPA was the first thing she taught, because it’s impossible to use a dictionary and check pronunciation without that. It's difficult to overestimate importance of Mila’s IPA warm up .

  II)  Then Mila taught me a lot of grammar. Grammar is my weak point and I  raised up two my hands for improving my grammar e.g. Present Perfect-vs-Past Simple, Questions, Passive Voice, Sequence of Tenses and etc.

   III)  At our classes Mila  taught me  reading and writing : those were  the tasks for working with documents and practicing  in skimming, scanning and extensive reading, which  helped me to  approach the highest level in reading skill . 

   IV) I think Mila’s  system in working  with newspaper articles was really  interesting and equally  useful for me.

   V)  As for speaking :  it was great to speak in English using all the learnt phrases, collocations and phrasal verbs. And the task to explain in English some idioms or slang phrases was  difficult but challenging and never boring  for me.🙂

  In my homeland( I am from Russia) we have our five scale system to show the learning outcomes, and I would give Mila 5+ for prominent results.  She is really an outstanding teacher. 

Igor Pribytkov  Australia12/6/14

We were students of private Tutor Mila for 1-5 years. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics, are both superior. We are very grateful to her for all our knowledege  of the language that we have now and already use in our careers and in private lives. 

Our teacher Mila has a very positive attitude, and her enthusiasm and optimism in parellel with her encouragement and sense of humour, made us forget all the tiredness after long working days and dive into a magic process of speaking, role playing, reading, ptactising in grammar and phonetic items and in writing. 

Our dear Tutor is highly recommeded to any other students she will teach in the future. 

 Oksana Lagun, Yuliana Protasenya, Zhanna Parakhnevich, Yana Zhirovol, Nastya Lobanova, Natalia Bobdanovich, Igor Turlyko,  Dzmitry Shakunov, Viachaslau Hryniak,  Siarhei Karpau Bobruisk, Belarus. October 2010. 

Mila( Lyudmila)  Hughes was  my teacher of English in 2009-2010. Being a very gifted, creative and experienced professional, she alwayes motivated me in studying English. She chose the most effective methods and text-books for me. I am relocating to my fiance to Australia and am also very grateful to her for sharing her Australian experience in traditions and culture of the country. I highly recommend her to the future students. 

Natallia Kalinina. Bobruisk Mogilev Region, Belarus. March 2010. 

 KUP " Legpromrazvitiye" ( Bobruisk, Belarus  1 Sakko street) 

We were happy to use Lyudmila's service for more than 6 years and know this trustworthy individual as a gifted professional in teaching English, in translation and interpreting.

Lyudmila Hughes was teaching English to our stuff in groups and individually. She showed great interpreting skills in arranging the training sesssions of our staff with the native speakers of English from Australia. Mila was an agent of Devon English Centre, UK, in arranging thre trip of our Financial Director Sergei Karpov to the English language course in Great Briatain in 2009.

We are really greatful to her for all her knowledge, effort and enthusiasm that helped to improve our staff's level of English. We higly recommend Mila to any new students and organizations.

 Director ofKUP " Legpromrazvitiye" Alexandr Presnetsov 25.05.2010.   

Our dear Teacher Mila! 

Thank you a lot for giving us knowledge and skills  in English that we need so much in settling here in Australia!  Your lessons were fully devoted to the topics we learn, you alsways inspired us to be better students and better people. We really appreciate your teaching and you!

The group of your student from  127 Rundle Mall Campus 5th floor, Renaissance Centre
127 Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000.  December 2013